Generic enhancements

Mohamed FakhrElDin 8 years ago updated by Bey2ollak Support (Bey2ollak | Support Team) 8 years ago 1

routes should be modified according to new enhancements (same as the one done for me7war)

Routes from to (near me option) should be enhanced in terms of adding new areas and essential ones (ex i am at remaya now and stating i am in giza which is too generic moreover gives deceiving alternatives

The notifications sections is facing a problem in terms of updating or loading that needs to be checked

When i choose a certain from to and i go check alternatives; it takes minimum 20-30 seconds to load the alternatives with an inkmown reason

Dear Mohamed,

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback!
We are indeed working on enhancing our areas and from-to experience, stay tuned!
We just want to clarify a couple of points to make sure we got you;

  • What exactly do you mean by "modified according to new enhancements"? Could you please elaborate more?
  • Regarding the notifications issue, are you sure your app is up to date? if so, it would be great if there is a certain scenario where the notifications page fail so that we work on it & fix it.

As for the loading time issue, we are currently working on enhancing the overall app performance so this should be much faster in the upcoming versions inshallah :)

looking forward for your reply,