Display speed limit next to road name.

Heba Ghanem 3 weeks ago 0

Add speed limit next to road name. Some travel roads have speed limit of 100, others 120. Some segments of da2ery have speed limit of 80. This will be very helpful. Keep up the good work.


Da2ery El Awsaty

Muhannad Ramlawi 5 months ago 0

Can you please add El Da2ery El Awsaty?
it is my work’s route everyday and it will be helpful if I can find it here

Thanks in advance


متي سيتم اغلاق مطلع الدائرى من البحر الأعظم؟

Khaled Mazen 6 months ago updated 6 months ago 0

How can I change the password to login?

nashaat guirguis 7 months ago 0

Add an alexandria to alamein road

lilobido 9 months ago 0

Add a road from alexandria to alamein 


اضافة نفق الشهيد احمد حمدي ... بيتقفل كتير ... انا

Wafik 10 months ago 0

امبارح وقفنا ساعتين كملين من ١٠:٤٥ الي ١٢:٤٥ في انتظار العبور من غير سبب واضح


Sending location by Bey2ollak

mona kabel 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 0

Can’t open it in my iPhone

Fanta 11 months ago 0

Can’t use it on my iPhone

Fanta 11 months ago 0

It doesn’t work

Fanta 11 months ago 0

App is not working after new update

ggx 2 years ago updated by Sherif Ahmed Artisan 1 year ago 1

Search functionality plz!!

Shaimaa Salama 1 year ago 0

صعوبة انى اعرف استخدمه بينما اقود السياره

mhmd_ibrahim50 1 year ago 0

صعوبة الاستخدام

لازم ابحث انا فين ورايح فين 


Weather forecast & long posts trail

t refat 1 year ago 0

Weather forecast on open roads, at least 24 hours post trail to know what happened on the selected road in the past day



SamehLamiey 1 year ago 0

Search ability, having all the roads to be included, adding the ability to include new roads that is not already in the app


اضافة السيرش

Mustafa Saber 1 year ago 0

ازاي برنامج بالحجم دا ومفهوش سيرش بالطرق بدل الطريقة القديمة والمفروض يكون في خريطة تقولي الطريق الزحمة دلوقتي فين وطريقي سالك ولا لا وكمان اصلاح الدخول بالفيسبوك 


Fix log in with Facebook

Sharif Ibrahim 1 year ago 0

Fix log in and sign up with the Facebook 


All what I get on my iPhone XS is error and on the roads empty screen! How can I fix it?

rostomj 3 years ago updated by Aloushlazo 2 years ago 1

All what I get on my iPhone XS is error and on the travel roads an empty screen! How can I fix it?


Facing problem to access!!!

ashraf nyoussef 2 years ago 0

خلوا بالكوا!

Mohamed Badran 2 years ago 0

شبورة من بعد ماستر طريق مصر إسكندرية الصحراوي


Why it loads automatically when i start the phone?

pdjangy 2 years ago 0
Under review

It is not loading everytime i set a destination it gives an error “ something went wrong”

Omar Yehia 2 years ago updated by Nourhan Gomaa 2 years ago 3

too many pop up ads

nka 2 years ago 0

you are running too much ads and in the wrong places/format. Whenever I open any road I have to get a pop up ad that completely covers my screen that happens every single time this is too annoying for the user specially if you want to quickly check something out


اين طرق الصعيد

Hossam Khattab 2 years ago 0


ahmsaleh 2 years ago 0

Make the program stop trying to access everything and pop up everwhile. Now i ve only one option if not solved , to uninstall the program


The app crashes before it starts !

Amr Essam 2 years ago 0

I’m trying to add favorites the app crashes iOS 13

Amr1666 2 years ago 0

Get the app fixed

ahmad elhabbal 2 years ago 0

Became Very bad

howayda hendia 2 years ago 0

Was one of the best apps i use for roads. Now it's totally unreliable and it crashes a lot not to mention this strange trip interface. I can't even search for somewhere on map so why it's there? Also the app must start every time i restart my mobile and there's nothing in the settings where i can choose not to do so.

Am sorry to say am gonna remove it from my mob. !!


التطبيق بعد التحديث الجديد بقي سئ جدا

maha 3 years ago 0

التطبيق بعد التحديث الجديد بقي سئ جدا يعنى ايه كل ما افتح الموبايل يشغل التطبيق ويدخلنى على الرحلة ويسأل اعمل شير بصراحة بقي سئ و


عايزة اوقف خدمة ال SMS مش عارفة

Assmaa gad 3 years ago 0

Moving from bad to worse

ahmedalhalwany 3 years ago 0

First it was driving detection sitting in the notification area for no reason when Un needed. now it''s from bad to worse and the app main interface get loaded each time I boot my phone. I really niether understand nor appreciate the idea.