I cant use it as i wish...!!!! It hard to use by the way..!!

jo.zekus منذ 5 يوم 0

خدمة العداد

mohammed.alkelany15 منذ 3 أسبوع 0

الخدمة الاولى كان فيها اني اعرف حساب التاكسي عن طريق الابليكيشن دلوقتي مبقتش مظبوطة زي الاول حتى في فتحة العداد مع أنها خدمة مميزة



dr.mtalaat.a.q منذ 4 أسبوع 0

What happens?!


All what I get on my iPhone XS is error and on the roads empty screen! How can I fix it?

rostomj منذ 4 أسبوع 0

All what I get on my iPhone XS is error and on the travel roads an empty screen! How can I fix it?



salmaabdallah منذ 1 شهر 0

Recently i’ve getting lots of “unknown error, try again later” no updates are available in the ios store and uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t help as well. Now I cannot even log into my account or register for a new one all the application show me is error


How to increase size of font

Tamer منذ 2 شهر 0

الطريق الساحلي لحد بورسعيد فين

riham tayel منذ 3 شهر 0

الطريق الساحلي لحد بورسعيد فين


اتجاهات الأسهم الي يتوضح أتجاه الطريق

ahmed.abbas منذ 3 شهر 0

اتجاهات الأسهم الي بتوضح اتجاه الطريق مضللة جدا من بره السهم بيقول من اتجاه و لما تدخل جوه الطريق بتلاقي العلامات الي بتوضح منين لفين عكس السهم فا تبقى مش عارف تحدد هو ده الاتجاه الي رايح و لا راجع

لازم جعل اتجاه الأسهم واضح زي في القائمة الخارجية


Driving detection mode

nfs_206 منذ 4 شهر 0

Driving detection mode, I cant exit such mode eventhough I closed the application from mobile task, I will try to restart but it doesn't make any sense


I can’t write Arabic since the last update

meharak.sh منذ 4 شهر 0

The Arabic keyboard has disappeared from my updates posting since the last update


بلاش الخريطه

Sameh Masod منذ 4 شهر 0

هو انت لازم كل مره تدخلني على الخريطه و لما اجي اخرج تقول لي هو انت متاكد انك هتخرج يا سيدي ود


New updates very annoying

Karim Hussein منذ 4 شهر 0

Not a good idea to force to open the map and to set location. You can check for roads without being on them. Also the driving detection notification that is always on is very annoying


Antivrius detected malicious code in the app

eng.marwa.nawar.84 منذ 4 شهر 0

Hello guys,

i was updating the ap to latest and i got warning from AVG antivirus that the app has malicious code and it recommnded me to unistall it..can u please check that..why antovirus sees malicious code in your app!!



aymanlouiz منذ 5 شهر 0

انا متضايق من التحديث الأخير علي عدم فتح البرنامج الا اذا فتحت اللوكيشن


I'm removing the app now after many years because of GPS update and forcing to open it each time.

a منذ 5 شهر 0

Please add Midan Lebanon to 6 october (Mehwar) and the other way around

Yousef منذ 5 شهر 0

Please add north 90 St in 5th settlement

Ahmed منذ 5 شهر • محدّث منذ 5 شهر 1

i don't want my GPS open all the time when am using the app

sahar منذ 6 شهر 0

Why do i have to turn on my location to see the updates.

walaa.adelhamdi منذ 6 شهر 0

location should be enabled only if i want to make a gps report otherwise it shouldn't b mandatory


Notifications shows even when disabled

hazemehammad منذ 6 شهر 0

App sends notifications even if notifications are disabled


useless gps journey reports

irrelevant منذ 6 شهر 0

great app except for these weird driving reports that keep on filling the pages and they are useless. i need at least to have the option to disable them  


Cant post keeps on showing an error

Gendy منذ 7 شهر 0

when ever i try to post somethig the app brings up an error 


Driving detection issue

Mohamed Medhat منذ 7 شهر 0

Driving detection always populate after the lates update even if i am not driving or moving


You need to add meh war el dab3a

Tarek منذ 7 شهر 0

You need to add Alex matrouh road

Lobna منذ 7 شهر 0

You need to add Alex matrouh road


Why does the drive detection is working without my permission?

Amr K منذ 7 شهر 0

Why does the drive detection is working without my permission, and there is no option to disable it, if it's not fixed, I'll uninstall the app


facebook chatterbot integration

AbdAllah Osama منذ 7 شهر 0

to integrate the mobile application with facebook chatterbots apis to serve wider base of clients


Invalid credentials permanent login problems

Muhamad منذ 8 شهر 0

Please try to fix this problem Every a few days when I started to use the app I received a message to say I have to login again even if I didn't log out. And when I try to login I received a message to say invalid credentials. I keep suffering with login even after reset my password many times. 


صباح الخير ممكن اضافة طريق الضبعة

Ahmed Adel Soliman منذ 8 شهر 0

Duplicate travel road cairo Alex + Alex cairo yet not linked

nawaramoftah منذ 8 شهر 0

Cairo and north coast tabs both  has travel roads including cairo Alex road and Alamein road but they r not linked.

Please fix users don’t get proper updates


You need to add Alex Marsa Matrou7 road.

isaid1969 منذ 8 شهر 0

Kefaya updates

m7mdelminshawi منذ 9 شهر 0

Kefaya updates el application ba2a tool elwa2t byhayes w bafta7 el favorite roads bala2eha empty w el app by2fel lwa7do aw by fail eno ye3ml load 


I dont want to enable loction and i sont want driving detection option

mohamed.saleh منذ 9 شهر 0

How I can change the password?

alaa el rakabawy منذ 9 شهر 0

فكرة !

izziddeanmahmoud منذ 9 شهر 0

خدمة دعم العملاء من خلال UserEcho