Why does the drive detection is working without my permission?

Why does the drive detection is working without my permission, and there is no option to disable it, if it's not fixed, I'll uninstall the app


Suggested text

Bey2ollak currently gives the options to autofill the report based on previous reports, however, all reports done on different routes are saved, hence, making the suggestions too many. If you can make each road has it's own autofill based on previously done report on this road, it would be much better


Radar reports

adding a road status next to "Ba2olak eih" or "Khatar" to be "Radar" so it is easier for users to know


"Eih akhbar el tareek?"

Why not make the road status default entries editable? Example: i like to say "gamed" instead of "lazeez"; this is due to the fact that each user has his own voice that they may like to express. So it would be really cool if I can edit them to say the status in my own way instead of having to type it in everytime I want to post.

P.S. It gives life to the application having different voices :D

Renovating the UI

The user interface is a bit outdated & there's much room for improvement to achieve a sleek design.


Estimated time of arrival for our daily routes.

Nushka Gatwary 2 years ago in App Features Related / Existing Features Enhancement • updated by Mohamed Ashraf 2 years ago 1

ynfa3 Bey2ollak y3arfeny estimated time kman


Why do i have to turn on my location to see the updates.

location should be enabled only if i want to make a gps report otherwise it shouldn't b mandatory