"Eih akhbar el tareek?"

Ahmed shafei 8 years ago updated by Bey2ollak Support (Bey2ollak | Support Team) 8 years ago 1

Why not make the road status default entries editable? Example: i like to say "gamed" instead of "lazeez"; this is due to the fact that each user has his own voice that they may like to express. So it would be really cool if I can edit them to say the status in my own way instead of having to type it in everytime I want to post.

P.S. It gives life to the application having different voices :D

Thank you Ahmed for participating in 2ollena,

We need to know more from you about this idea :)

Do you mean that each user can put a custom message for each status? (so when he/she used it, it will post his/her customized message)

Looking forward for your reply.